1. Introduction
2. Benefits
3. Application Examples/Scenarios
4. Architecture, Requirements & Pricing

Benefits to the Enterprise

Application/Solution Provider

WebSync will transform your personal applications to enterprise applications. Using WebSync, your applications are no longer just restricted to one PC - one PDA. Enterprise users can generate your applications database files and distribute them across the whole enterprise. WebSync will compliment and complete your product offering to the enterprise.

Service Provider/Publisher

WebSync will enhance your user experience by simplifying the download and install process. Your users are no longer need to go to the website, login to the server or check their email daily just to download the files. WebSync will make your service more appealing to the users.

Corporate User

WebSync will help you distribute the mission-critical information (document, spreadsheet, presentation, schedule, news and much more) to your mobile workers across the Intranet or Internet. With WebSync, your workers can spent more time on their job instead of downloading files. And best of all, your mobile workers can even download from their home.

System Integrator

WebSync will provide you a plug-and-play module for your mobile enterprise system. With WebSync, You can concentrate on developing and integrating your mobile enterprise system to the backend infrastructure. Why waste time and resources reinventing the wheel when a good working solution is readily available?


Benefits to the End Users

We understand how troublesome it is to have to go to the specific website, remember specific login password or check email daily just to download files. That is why we developed WebSync to automate the process of login, download and install files.

While Avantgo downloads webpages, WebSync downloads all kind of Palm OS files from the Internet and install them to the Palm PDA during Hotsync. With WebSync, all you have to do is just push the Hotsync button and you are ready to go!



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