1. Introduction
2. Benefits
3. Application Examples/Scenarios
4. Architecture, Requirements & Pricing


What is WebSync?

WebSync is the first innovative solution that links information from the Web to your Palm PDA. Designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, WebSync will download all kind of Palm OS files from the Internet and install them to your Palm with a push of the HotSync button!


Main Features

  • WebSync supports all Palm OS files (prc, pdb and pqa). In other words, all existing Palm applications and database files such as e-book, map, graphics, news, document, spreadsheet, presentation, music and even movies can be downloaded from the Internet and install to your Palm.
  • WebSync compliments the existing enterprise infrastructure and it uses the existing web server to distribute information. This will allow companies introduce new services without having to invest in expensive hardware and software.
  • WebSync is a user-friendly application. Once installed, the application will automatically download files from the web servers and install them to the users' Palm PDA during HotSync.




WebSync Editor

WebSync comes with an simple-to-use editor for Publisher/Service Provider/Intranet Adminstrator/System Integrator to configure and distribute a list of WebSync items to end users.


WebSync Downloader

Based on the list of WebSync items, WebSync downloader will download files from the Internet and install them to the Palm PDA. WebSync is so simple-to-use that everyone with a Palm PDA will have no problem getting information from the web anymore.




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