Mobile E-business Infrastructure

The wind of change brought about by the Information Technology (IT) has indeed transformed all sectors of the world's economy. In order to compete and survive in this New Economy, companies all over the world deploy enterprise-wide computer infrastructure and reengineer their organizations to harness the power of IT. Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are just some of the paths companies are taking today.

However, more and more companies realize that their investments in enterprise-wide computer system can be further utilized by extending their existing applications to mobile devices. The figure below illustrates a typical enterprise infrastructure and how mobile devices can be added to complete the Mobile E-business Infrastructure.


The aim of Mobile E-business is to put the mission-critical information and tools in the hands of the mobile workforce. However, to ensure user acceptance and productivity, a balance between the amount of information, the frequency of data transfer and the quantity of performance need to be reached. Depending on the nature and requirement of the work process, there are a few ways of transfering information from the enterprise computer system to the mobile devices.

Wireless connection

  • Infrared (IR) or cable connection between a mobile device and a mobile phone
  • Mobile device with a clip-on wireless modem

Wireline connection

  • Synchronization cradle connected to a networked workstation
  • Synchronization cradle connected directly to an enterprise network
  • Synchronization cradle connected to a home computer which dial-up to an enterprise network

Regardless of wireless or wireline connection, the enterprise information has to be processed before it can be used in the mobile devices. The Mobile E-business Server (MES) is specifically developed to serves as a middle layer between the enterprise computer system and the mobile devices. The MES will obtain information from the enterprise servers, process and distribute the information to the mobile devices throughtout the enterprise network.


i-Engine Modules

One of the most important issues in introducing mobile computing to the organization is the need to convince the mobile workforce that the advantages using mobile devices are far greater than the changes they will undergo. Hence, it is extremely important that the mobile solution developed is inviting and easy to use. To achieve this objective, we created various independent and easily-deployable i-Engine modules for the mobile solutions.

  i-Engine (Mobile E Server)
  • Web Aggregator
  • Database Converter
  • Web Clipper
  • Conduit
  • File Transfer
  • Web Clipping
  • Sms Dispatch


i-Engine (Mobile Device)

  • Database Search & Sort
  • InfraRed Print
  • Barcode Scan
  • Wireless Data & SMS
  • Picture Display
  • Chart Plot
  • Signature Capture


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