Mobile E-business Solutions

There is no doubt that the Internet has revolutionalized the way we work and live. Companies, big and small, are harnessing the power of the Internet to automate the organizations, empower their workers and to reach out to their customers from all corners of the world.

However, the Internet today is still bound by our computer. The full potential of the Internet could only be full utilized if we have access to it at any point in time, virtually anywhere. We believe the next wave of IT revolution will be in the area of Mobile E-business through the use of mobile devices. Imagine the endless possibilities of empowering workers with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that stores information, performs computations and access email or the Internet anytime, anywhere...

Listed below are some of our Mobile E-business Solutions designed to mobilize major industries in the market today. To find out more about these solutions, just click on the pictures!




Wasting your time going through newspaper classifieds? i-Realty will save you time and help you close deals instead...




Wouldn't it be nice to have all financial information with a simple click? i-Finance is the must-have tool for every Financial Specialist...




How to meet sales target in today's competitive environment? i-Sales will help you to out-perform the target in no time...




Always wanted a simple tool to download files from the Internet and install them painlessly during Hotsync? Websync will be the right tool to you!





Potential Mobile E-business Applications

As the cost of mobile devices such as laptops, palmtops, PDAs and phones decreases, the deployment of these mobile devices to workers are longer restricted to a few big multi-national companies (MNCs). Coupled with emerging wireless technologies like Bluetooth, WLAN, GPRS, 3G; there are just so many potential areas that mobile devices can be used to improve efficiency, productivity and services...




From patients' record, medical database to ambulance mobilization and hospital adminstration, mobile devices will bring about better customer relationship management and healthcare services to everyone.




Learning from books and lectures is no longer sufficient in the Internet age. Students today prefer multimedia e-textbooks, e-tutorials, e-encyclopedias, e-quizes and even e-exams on their mobile devices.




E-commerce has brought about great demand upon logistics companies to improve supply chain management, warehouse automation, inventory monitoring and delivery tracking using mobile devices.



Utility, Telecommunication & Field Service

In an industry where down-time is no longer acceptable, utility companies need to use mobile devices to better monitor, maintain and manage their resources.



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