Mobile Application For Sales And Contact Management Launched

With i-Sales, the sales tracking service for mobile devices, mobile workers everywhere can provide better customer service, manage contacts efficiently, reserve inventory online, retrieve competitive information - using handheld computers, WAP-phones or web-browsers

San Jose, September 9, 2000- Leading mobile application developer has launched the application i-Sales, a wireless application for mobile sales tracking, reporting and contact management. Using i-Sales, mobile workers can track and manage their sales contact using PDA or WAP devices. This makes the customer relationship management and sales tracking process easy and effective, and renders complete and correct information.

Using the handheld PDA application, information can be recorded and basic client and sales management can be performed. During synchronization, the gathered information is automatically transferred to the web database server, where more advanced administration of customers, sales and users is smoothly handled. The web service also provides standardized reports and the ability to import and export data in common formats, e.g. Microsoft's Excel or Word.

"The goal of i-Sales is to give businesses and sales forces a mobile tool to perform sales and contact management," says Frank Teoh, Founder of MyVenus Communications LLC. "With simple customizations, a sales force can set up a free, fully functional system to take care of its sales functions at any time and anywhere." Sales and contact management is non-functional in many companies today, and i-Sales is a great way to get it on track again."

  i-Sales builds on MyVenus's Mobile Business, an enterprise products and MyVenus's LiveSync, the middleware-for-mobility integrating handheld computers with existing business systems. With MyVenus i-Sales, users can easily manages contact and sales activities, wherever they are, right on their handheld devices with wireless communication.

MyVenus i-Sales can also be integrated into the internal business systems running mySQL, SQL, Oracle or Informix database of any company. MyVenus i-Sales is available on PalmOS-based PDAs today, with versions for other mobile platforms due soon.

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