i-Realty User Guide


  Launch i-Realty:

  • To launch i-Realty, simply tap on the i-Realty icon.
  Startup Splash:

  • Upon starting i-Realty, the application will check the licence file. The application will only continue to run if there is a licence file (Demo or Actual) found in the Palm PDA.

  • All the i-Realty modules are easily accessible within the Menu Bar. These modules are divided into 2 categories, namely, Listings and Tools. To navigate to a particular module, simply launch the Menu Bar and tap the corresponding Menu.
  Basic Features:

  • The Scroll, Search and Sort features are included in most of the modules of i-Realty. These features help you to find what you or your customer want in split seconds.
  • To Scroll, just tap on the up/down arrow of the scroll bar or press the page up/down button of your Palm PDA.
  • To Search, simply key in the search key in the corresponding fields and tap the Search button (magnifying glass with tick). A search bubble will appear while the search is in progress. To Unsearch, simply tap the Unsearch button (magnifying glass with cross).
  • To Sort, simply tap on the Heading of any column (Blk, Ty, Description...). A sort bubble will appear while the system sort the database according to the heading chosen. If there are too many records to be sorted, the system will advice you to perform a search first to reduce the sorting time.

  • The Listings module lists all the listings of HDB, Private and Landed properties you have hotsynced to the the Palm. To view the listings of a particular type of properties, simply tap the HDB, Private or Landed button.
  • To view the details of a particular listing, tap the corresponding listing record.
  • If you want to keep the listing in the KeepList, just tap the Keep button.

  • The Mylist module allows you to keep information of HDB, Private & Landed properties.
  • To view the details of a particular listing, tap the corresponding listing record.
  • To add a new listing, tap the Add button. Upon key in all the information of the property, tap the Save button to save the information.

  • The Transactions module allows you to know the latest properties' transaction prices.
  • To view the details of a particular transaction, tap the corresponding transaction record.
  Condo Library:

  • The Condo Library module is equipped with detailed information of all condominiums in Singapore. Besides giving information on types and sizes of the condo, the library also provide information of the facilities available.


  • The AddressBook module allows you to store customer information in the Palm Address application. You will be able to manage the customer information in your PC using the Palm Desktop application.
  • When you first tap on the AddressBook menu, the application will alert you to create a new categories for the Palm Address application. In the Edit Categories form, tap the New button, key in 'irealty' and tap the OK button. Tap the OK button to exit the Edit Categories form.
  • To add a new customer information, tap the Add button. To modify existing customer information, tap the corresponding customer record. Besides storing customer contacts, you can select the customer interest (HDB, Private or Landed property) and priority (1, 2 or 3).
  • To view the customer information in Palm Address application, launch Address and look under 'irealty' category.

  • The Calculator module will help you to calculate the Monthly Installment required.
  • Key in all the information into the fields (without comma), select the Interest Rate (concessionary or market rate) and tap the Calculate button.
  • Based on the example above, the results shows that the CPF money left-over is S$17293 (after deducting all the fees and HPIS). This means the buyer will have to take up HDB loan of S$289106 (monthly installment S$1311) and prepare cash of S$123600 for the purchase of the property.
  Demo Mode:

  • The i-Realty application will run in Demo Mode when a demo licence is used or when the actual licence has expired. In the Demo Mode, you can only browse the HDB Listings (List, MyList, KeepList & Transactions). Also, the Scroll, Search and Sort features for Listings have been disabled. However, you can still try out these features within the Condo Library module.
  • To check the whether the i-Realty is running in Demo Mode, simply tap the Help - About menu.
  MyList Conduit Application:

  • The i-Realty MyList Conduit application is an entension of the Palm Desktop application running in the PC. During hotsync, information stored in MyList database in the Palm PDA will be transferred to the PC. This application allows you to browse, search and store the MyList database using your PC.
  • To launch MyList Conduit, just click on the MyList icon in the Palm Desktop application.



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