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What is i-Realty?

i-Realty is a Palm OS application specially developed to empower Real Estate Agents with up-to-date information and important tools anytime, anywhere. Designed by experience agents who understand the real estate business, i-Realty will literally change the way you conduct your business. i-Realty will make you more efficient and give you the competitive advantage to close more transactions. With i-Realty you can spend less time gathering information and more time meeting customers and closing deals.


i-Realty Main Features



  • Browse latest Listings and Transaction prices of HDB, Private and Landed Property.
  • Search and sort property based on location, type, price and date.
  • Select and keep favourite property in personal keeplist.
  • Get accurate and detailed Private property information in Condo Library.


  • Store customer information in Addressbook.
  • Compute maximum loan, monthly installment and detailed financial plan using Calculator.
  • Automatic download property database during HotSync.
  • Option to wirelessly download property database using mobile phone (with built-in modem).



i-Realty ScreenShots


Property & Transactions Listings :

  • Browse daily HDB, Private and Landed listings and be the first to contact the seller.
  • With all these listings, recommending property to potential buyers is as simple as snapping your finger.
  • Want to really know the market? Keep yourself updated on latest transaction prices.



Add listings to MyList:

  • The Mylist allows you to keep information of the property that you are selling.

Search and Sort listings:

  • All the listings have built-in Search and Sort features. With a simple click of a button, you to recommend property to your customers anytime, anywhere.



Condomimium Library:

  • Want to impress your customer that you know every condominium in Singapore? Simply do a search and give him all the details!



AddressBook and Calculator:

  • Why use the paper organizer when you can just store customer information in the AddressBook and transfer them to your PC?
  • You can even put down their interest (HDB, Private or Landed) and priority.
  • Want to help your customer in financial planning? Instead of going through all the formula and punching your calculator, why not let your Palm do for you?


To find out about i-Realty, please go through the i-Realty user guide.


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