What is i-Finance?

  i-Finance is an integrated Palm OS application specially developed to empower Financial Professionals with important information and tools anytime, anywhere. Designed by experience fund managers who understand the financial business, i-Finance will literally change the way you conduct your business. i-Finance will make you more efficient and give you the competitive advantage to close more deals. With i-Finance you can impress your customers with in-depth market knowledge and help them to achieve their financial goals.  


i-Finance Main Features



  • Browse latest information, market commentary and details of all funds.
  • Give accurate and detailed fund assets and holdings information to your market-savvy customer.
  • Compare funds' performance with a simple click!


  • Evaluate your customer risk profile and recommend suitable funds in 60 second!


i-Finance ScreenShots



Funds List & Introduction :

  • All funds information is listed for easy browsing.
  • Click on a particular fund to get a brief introduction.



Commentary & Details:

  • Want to impress your customer that you know the latest market commentary and details of that particular fund? Just read it from your Palm!

Asset Allocation & Holdings:

  • All the assets and holdings of the fund are listed for your easy reference.



Performance & Chart:

  • How did the fund perform for the last 6 months? Just a few clicks and show it to your customer.



Evaluator & Recommendation:

  • Want to find out your customer risk profile and recommend them suitable products? Instead of going through all the formular and punching your calculator, why not let your Palm do for you?


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